Thursday, June 23, 2011

Professional pictures

I decided it was time to have some new professional pictures taken of the boys. So I called our friend Becky Ellsworth...she is extremely talented and really works well with the boys. John trusts her and listens to her, which is a big thing for him!! So without further adieu, I present the Spengel Boys, Summer 2011!

Florida 2011

The boys, myself and Granny were fortunate to spend a whole week in Florida... St. Augustine to be exact. My parents dear friends live there and offered to let us stay with them. I don't know if they knew what they were getting into but they were very gracious hosts and I'm thankful to them. We flew since driving was just not an option since St. Augustine is on the Atlantic side. Both boys did so well on the flight. John was sooo excited and Wyatt charmed the lady across the aisle from me.
He was so excited

Of course we visited the beach everyday. Wyatt only enjoyed one day at the beach...he has a tendancy to eat sand plus his little bald head and the sun don't go well together. John is my little beach buddy! I swear that kid could play for hours and hours. He absolutely LOVES it and that makes me happy!

Where's John?

My view

One day we visited the local alligator farm. If you're ever in that area, I totally recommend it! They have all types of alligators, crocodiles, snakes, birds and the biggest Galapagos tortiose I've ever seen! It was a lot of fun!
John & the Albino alligator

The alligator swamp (how freaky is that!!!)

He was so big, I don't think he could move...seriously!

Granny & John

Why won't he take a picture with me!!

Wyatt (Itty Bitty) was such a good boy!

Overall I would say the trip was a success. Thank you Robert & Beverly for opening your house and thank you Granny for all you do!!!

This is a a portable crib I found online for Wyatt to sleep in and it worked!!! I was really worried how I would get him to sleep but I found this PeaPod and it worked great!!! Look at the sweet baby...aggh I could just eat him!!!