Friday, November 11, 2011

Birthday parties with new friends

Since John has started Covenant Christian, he has really grown....spiritually, physically, mentally and emotionally. I'm just amazed how much he's changed in such a short period of time. I'm so glad God steered us to make the decision to send him to this school. It has been such a blessing!

He's made many new friends and with that comes birthday parties! So far he's been invited to 5 parties but only able to attend 4. The last we he went to was for his friend Chance & it was a skating party. I was pumped b/c I thought I'd get to skate as well but once we got there and I saw no other parent was skating, I figured I should refrain...dang it! He was a little timid at first but by the end of the party he didn't even need the "skate mate".

John using the "skate mate"

John & friends


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