Tuesday, September 08, 2009

I love the Rancho Grande

There is a great little mexican restaurant in Conroe that we frequent at least once every 2 weeks...used to be once a week but in case you haven't heard we're in a recession. Anyway, it's called Rancho Grande. The food is good, the margaritas are great and most importantly the atmosphere is kid friendly!!!!

On the weekends, there is the sweetest "older" man who plays music...just him and his guitar. John adores him!!! I always call him over and he always plays the same song for John. He, of course, sings in spanish so the only thing I understand is that it's about a donkey. So we call it the donkey song! It's very cute and I love watching John stare at the guitar...you can see his brain working overtime trying to figure out how the guitar works. I'm hoping one day he'll want to take lessons...


Blogger Chalna said...

Those are my FAVORITE kind of places!! We have a tiny little Mexican place here that we go to so much that they seriously just asked me if we were going to have another baby yet!! HA!!! Maybe we are getting a little too personal with this place. ;-)

Colin is also in love with the guitar. Jer plays and Colin thinks it is the best thing EVER. He seems really musically inclined, so I hope he wants to take lessons too. I already told him that it is a sure fire way to get the girls! :-)

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