Thursday, August 20, 2009

August updates & happenings

I'm sitting here at work with a lot on my mind.... where do I begin!!!! I'll just start off with an update on John & his alter ego Johnny Rotten...

  • Bedtime is still a struggle but he DID sleep through the night twice this week, I'd say that's progress!
  • Dinner time has been a success...cleaned his plate every night!
  • Temper tantrums are slowing down. We did have an incident Tuesday, that involved a book and my head but I nipped that in the bud REAL quick...if ya know what I mean!
  • He's using his manners more, i.e saying please, thank you and may I.
  • He did have 2 accidents at school again but promised he would try really hard to not have any more "assidents" heehee!!!
  • Not destroying AS much but still harassing the cats...Miss Kitty will retaliate by pooping right outside his bedroom door, thanks Miss Kitty!

On a side note, Tuesday was my Mom's 59th birthday. John and I went to get her a card and he picked out one that plays music when you open was $9.99! HOLY crap! I HAD to get it b/c HE picked it out for "Ganny". So my mom celebrated by going to the Paul McCartney concert in Dallas last night. He only made 10 stops in the U.S. She and I had been to one years ago when I was living in Dallas and it was a great concert! Wish I could have made this one but it's okay...Happy Birthday Mom!!

John's school starts back up in a week. Even though he's not in official "big" school, he will be in a new class and learning all kinds of new things. I'm more excited than he is...I had to explain to him that all his friends would be moving into the new class with him, which made him happier. So we have to go school supply shopping next week, fun times!

In other news...we're supposed to be going to Illinois in October for GiGi's birthday. Well I've been checking flights since I found out about this trip and wow...I don't know if we'll fly! Tickets from Houston to St. Louis are running about $250 round trip. That, of course, doesn't include the luggage fees that Continental JUST raised to $30 per bag(which I think is ridiculous, but that's another post). So we're looking at almost $1000 for a weekend trip! UUUHHH, I'm thinking driving sounds WAY better! Tim's parents offered to pay for our tickets but I really don't like the idea. I would much rather drive 13 hours & pay our way than fly 2 hours and make someone else pay for it. I've even checked Southwest & it would still cost us $850 plus we'd have to drive to Hobby. So I'm praying to the airline god's that the prices will magically drop to $100 round trip! Wouldn't that be awesome!!!!


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