Monday, July 13, 2009

Weekend of "Inspiration"

As you read on my last post, I have been overwhelmed with inspiration lately. So this weekend I put my inspiration to work. I didn't get as much accomplished as I hoped but overall I'm very satisfied!

Saturday morning was my first Zumba class....WOW! It was amazing, FUN and hard!! My girlfriend, Susan, was so gracious to accompany me. The teacher is this cute little Brazilian lady and all the students with the exception of an older gentleman and us were latin. Talk about major "white girl complex"! These women just naturally know how to move their bodies! They pop their hips and shake their booties with such confidence. I'm so envious! I felt like a total moron but laughed my white booty off!! It was fun fun fun! Sunday, I was definitely feeling the effects! I'm so sore but it's a good sore, right? Tonight is class #2 and I'm flying solo. But I'm super excited and ready to find my inner latina!!

John swam most of the weekend. He's become quite the little swimmer these days! Saturday night we went down to our neighbors house to watch the MMA fight on pay per view. Tim loves that stuff...I personally can't stand to watch grown men beat the living tar out of each other but I'm a chick and I guess I'm not supposed to like it! While Tim was watching the pre-fights, John and I went outside to jump on their trampoline. He loves to jump and he's super cute doing it! He told Tim that he wants a "tamp-O-line"...emphasis on the O!

Sunday we had brunch at Denny's with Poppy & Grandma and then headed home for naps! There is nothing better than a Sunday nap on a full belly!

After naps, I was able to mow a large portion of our property on the riding lawn mower while Tim took care of the grass aka "carpet" near the house with the push lawn mower (his part is way harder). I actually enjoy mowing the grass on occasion. I get good sun and feel like I'm accomplishing something all while sitting on my butt! What's better than that?

I was able to clean and reorganize around the house. I still have a lot to do but it's getting there. I'm hoping to have most of the items on my "inspiration list" completed by the end of summer! Just hope I don't loose my mojo!


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