Tuesday, June 09, 2009

John's "grill" - UPDATE

Update - I just got back from John's
1st dentist appointment and it went SOOOO well! He did great! He let them clean, polish and even use the flouride! I am still in shock but very proud of him!

As for the "dark" front tooth, the Dr. confirmed that
he definitely damaged the tooth but said to just watch it. If it gets any darker
or starts to hurt, we'll have to go to a pediatric dentist and have a cap put
on. LUCKILY...they do offer white caps vs the silver! THANK
Tomorrow is a big day in the Spengel household. John is having his first dental visit! Now, there are many opinions as to when is the appropriate age to visit the dentist for the first time. Some "people" suggest taking them as early at 1 1/2 and others suggest waiting until they're a little older.

I chose to wait simply b/c I know my child and I know he's gonna lose his mind as soon as we walk in!

So I made the appointment thinking that the visit would be just like when I go in for a cleaning. NOT SO...the nurse right off the bat, told me that we'd maybe be there for 30 minutes. Apparently, this is just a "get to know the instruments/teach how to brush" appointment. The Dr. will attempt to do a cleaning but if the child puts up any resistance, he stops. Which makes perfect sense! Whew...what a relief to know that I don't have to restrain or gas him!

Other than the regular check-up, I made the appointment because it looks like one of John's front top, big teeth is about to fall out.

Let me explain....he was clowning around in my bathroom about a month ago. He fell and hit his mouth on the travertine floor...there was blood but it looked like it was only coming from his lip. Well now I think it may have been coming from that tooth too, b/c the whole tooth is turning gray. Like smoky gray! CRAP! It just started turning about 2 weeks ago and it's progressively gotten worse.

The good news is, it's a baby tooth. The bad news is, if he loses it, I think he may have to get one of those silver cap teeth. Great, my kid's gonna have "grill" at three!


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