Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Birthday, Rodeo, Easter and more

Well it's mid-April and we've just been chugging along. We've had lots going on...took John to the Houston Rodeo with my parents. He had alot of fun...that is until the fireworks! He doesn't like anything loud! Oh and he ate the biggest corny dog I have ever seen....

We went to Isabella's 4th birthday party at a kids cooking place. All the kids got to make their own pizzas, which they all enjoyed doing!

Tim and Poppy planted a garden at our house. John, Isabella and Alexandra helped Grandma plant the seeds. Everyday, John asks if they are finished "cooking".

We got a pretty bad thunderstorm about 2 weeks ago. Got about 2 inches of hail, so that means a new roof!

Easter got here quicker than I expected. Stephanie offered to cook lunch at her house, which was great. The kids had fun playing as always.

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