Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Halloween Happiness

Hey there! How goes it? It's been going pretty well in the Spengel household! We've been super busy with all kinds of fun stuff..... most importantly Halloween!!! John had a carnival at school, which meant CANDY and then trick or treating with Isabella and Alexandra, which meant MORE CANDY! I have to say I do think they were the cutest trick or treaters on the block! John went as "Mickey Mouse", Isabella was a "Genie" and Alexandra was a "Ray of Sunshine"!

In other news...Tim and I are happy to announce that we are expecting Spengel baby #2! We are super excited and of course hoping for a girl this time but of course will be happy with just a healthy baby! So I'm tentatively due June 21st...but may have to hold out for the 23rd. That's my year anniversary date at work, and short term disability doesn't kick in until you've been with the company for a year! Yikes! Oh well, everything will work out for the best!!! We've tried to explain it to John but he's still a little young to fully understand. I know he'll be a great Big Brother!

We had family pictures taken. We haven't done that since John was about 8 months old, so it was time! It was an interesting experience, as is everything else we do! John lasted, ohhh about 2 minutes and he was over it! But we managed to get some good pictures and most importantly our Christmas card picture! YEAH! So be on the look out!



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