Thursday, June 04, 2009

Rantin' and shoppin'

I have to rant a 3 weeks we will be heading to Port Aransas w/ some other families and then in July we're heading to Mexico (swine flu be damned!!!) So of course, I need a new swimsuit. I absolutely dread swimsuit shopping but it is a necessary evil. At lunch I ventured over to Dillards to attempt to find something fitting for a young mom but yet not too grannified. I walked over to the swimsuit section and I'm immediately completely intimated by all the "Junior" suits that are right up front, staring at me. Seriously, we're talking strings and not even a yard of fabric! Come on now! I just can't seem to understand why designers don't make suits for people with curves that aren't butt ugly. I mean really, I'm not fat but I do have hips and a butt that need some coverage. Those little bitty string things are for little girls who shouldn't be wearing little bitty string things.

Breathe.....I could feel the anxiety building so I just took a deep breath and proceeded to the "Misses" suits. I pulled every suit that I thought could possibly make me look decent and headed to the dressing room. My arm is still shaking from holding all of them. I probably tried on 20-25 suits. One pieces, bikinis, tankinis, shapers, lifters, name it! As with every year, it was quite a depressing experience but I was successful and found a suit that didn't make me look horrible.

Here's a picture of the suit...what do ya think?!?



Blogger Chalna said...

I think it is SUPER CUTE! Excellent choice! I also dread swimsuit shopping...I can't honestly think of anything worse in the world! I always seem to wear a larger size suit than I do clothes, which SUCKS. ;-)

8:12 PM  
Blogger Brandy said...

It's adorable!

12:27 AM  

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