Monday, June 29, 2009

Port Aransas 2009

We made it back in one piece!!! Port Aransas was awesome! We went with 3 other families and really had a blast! There were 7 children under 5 (well one just turned 5) and we only had one choking incident and a couple near miss drownings in the pool. All in all, I'd say it went pretty smooth!

The house we rented was fabulous! 3 bed, 3 bath, private pool and hot tub, full kitchen, etc. We only went to the beach once (I know!!!) but having that private pool made it so much easier and with 7 kids to tend to, you want easy!!! Port Aransas is a quaint little fishing town with beautiful beaches! I would highly recommend going there!

John had a blast as usual! He's not real hard to please...just loves getting to play!!! The hard part was trying to get him to rest and take a nap. He didn't want to miss anything!!!

As for us, Tim and I were just excited to have a nice get away with great friends!! Hopefully we can make this an annual trip!!

Here are a couple of pictures from our National Lampoon's adventure.....


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