Thursday, July 09, 2009

Inspiration surrounds ME

Lately, I've found myself completely inspired! Inspired to get fit, inspired to redecorate/organize and inspired to be more creative. And by golly, I plan on following through with all this inspiration!!!

Inspiration #1 - Getting fit and healthy
I'm constantly looking for ways to exercise. I've done the gym thing, pre-John and did awesome about going but post John...forget about it!!! I really enjoy yoga but b/c of my work schedule it's nearly impossible to find a class that will work. Plus it's expensive! I even talked Tim into buying me an elliptical machine and promised I'd use it every night....I've maybe used it 5 times, oops. Let's be honest here, I hate working out!!! The only exercise I've ever LOVED was dancing! That's right dancing! I started dancing at age 4. The Dance Gallery in Tyler was were I spent almost every night of the week, up until 10th grade. Then I tried out for my high school drill team...the award winning Robert E. Lee Southern Belles! I loved loved loved drill team!!! I made some of the best friends I ever had there all while getting an awesome workout. Here's where the inspiration part comes BFF Brandy, aka "Potter", decided to take an adult hip hop class. Mind you she lives in London. So I thought, hell if she can go to a dance class at age 32 in London, I can certainly go to one here in The Woodlands/Conroe. I researched the web and much to my dismay, there is only one studio in the area that offers adult classes and it's tap. Argh! After a couple more hours of research on the web (yes, I was at work) I found Zumba! You may have seen the infomercials on TV for the dvd's but they actually offer classes too. Now it's not a full fledged dance class but it's taught in close enough! Just in case you don't know what Zumba is, So I've coaxed my friend, Susan (another Drill teamer, Conroe Golden Girls) into coming with me! I'm hoping to get in shape all while re-living my glory, dancing days!!!

Inspiration #2 - Redecorate/Organize
Over the 4th of July holiday, I went home to Tyler and met up with a long time friend, Kerri Baker Seamands. She just finished building a new house....I had to go and see it! And in true Kerri fashion, her house was faboulous! Everything had it's place and all the decor was just beautiful! (shout out to Red Barn Floral & Gifts) Again here's where the inspiration comes to play....seeing how beautifully decorated her house was, made me want to make some changes in my own abode. So I made a list!!! I listed everything that I wanted completed or changed, who should be responsible for the task, i.e. Tim or myself, and a due date. The list now has over 50 items and it's still growing. I plan on starting this weekend and hope to complete at least 5 items. Wish me luck!!

Inspiration #3 - Get the creative juices flowing again
Somewhere along the road of life, I lost my creativity. Well maybe not lost it but it certainly seems to have been on a hiatus. But not anymore.... I'm bound and determined to revive it!!! I plan to start painting again. I don't claim to be any good but I do enjoy slapping some acrylic to a good ole canvas. I'm also planning on getting back in touch with my sewing machine. There's just no reason why I can't make some of the things I pay so much money for, such as throw pillows, shams, etc. Maybe after some practice, I'll feel confident enough to attempt to sew some drapes. Lord knows my windows need something! One big task, that I HAVE to work on is completing John's baby book. I feel like the worst mother in the world b/c he's now 3 and I think I've maybe completed his first 6 weeks! once the creative juices start up, that's #1 on the list!

I'm so grateful to have come to these realizations because I really really needed it. I've felt pretty stagnant the past year or so and I think that when you feel stagnant you feel old! And I don't plan on being old anytime soon!!! So those are my inspiration filled goals! What has or is inspiring you you???



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