Monday, August 03, 2009

Mexico 2009

We're back from Mexico and WOW....what a trip!!! We really had an awesome time! The wedding was beautiful! Thank you Fowler/Raverty Family for allowing us to tag along!!
Let me start off with Operation "John Drop-off". I was a total mess all day! After work, I picked John up at school and we headed north to meet my my in Madisonville. Once we got to the drop -off location, I tired to focus on the task at hand.... load my mom's car with all John's stuff and get out of there as quickly as possible before I changed my mind and took him with us to Mexico. I did pretty good, I hugged and kissed him and made sure he was okay with leaving me(ha! he was already in mom's car before I had the trunk shut)! I got back in my car to head home and lost it....I could not stop crying! I did eventually stop but I think that's because my eyes were swelling shut!
The flight to Mexico went smoothly, thank god! It was packed which was kinda surprising for a 7:45am flight. Our seats were literally on the last row of the plane, right by the bathrooms. Just a side note....never sit by the bathrooms!!!! I think everyone on the plane used the bathroom at some point! But we made it in one piece and I was so grateful to get there!
The resort had a very "tropical" feel and by tropical I mean no A/C except in your room. There was a nice breeze the closer you got to the beach but everywhere else on the property just had ceiling fans. I'm sure the staff thought we were a bunch of babies but we come from Houston...where the a/c runs 24/7/365!
The property was inundated with wildlife! Flamingos, iguanas, and even monkeys! YES monkeys! I only saw them once and that was the last day but you could hear them all the time. I thought that was pretty neat!
We spent pretty much everyday by the pool and beach. Every night, the resort and "Star Friends" put on a show. I have to tell you these "Star Friends" were amazing. Not only did they entertain at night, they also worked all day doing various things. They work 16 hour days, 6 days a week yet somehow always have a smile on their face! You can tell they really enjoy their jobs!
After the show, we'd head over to the Disco tech. That was my favorite part! I love love love to dance so needless to say I danced my butt off!
The night before we left was Josh and Alicia's wedding and it was beautiful! Alicia was a gorgeous bride! Their pictures are going to be amazing! If I was getting married, I would definitely do a destination wedding! I asked Tim if he would be up to it...he rolled his eyes! ha!!
It was a great trip and I'm already looking forward to the next one! Here are some pictures!


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