Friday, August 07, 2009

Feeling old!

This will be a quick one...

In an attempt to meet one of my many goals for the year, I cleaned my closet (Tim's too) last night with the intent to take most of the items to resale or a donation box. I took what I thought would sell easliy to Plato's Closet....WELL it did not go as planned!!!!

The teeny-bopper behind the counter started going through my stuff, she made a pile for keepers and a pile for returns. When she was done, she hands me a huge return pile of shoes, pants, dresses, etc. She then proceeds to tell me that this stuff is "TOO MATURE" for their store! OMG! hahahaha!

In the end they took one pair of shoes and 5 pairs of jeans and I got $55. That's better than nothing.
Guess I'm gonna try the resale in Conroe, where they take "more mature" apparel!


Blogger Mrs. Short said...

did the place in Conroe work better?

3:39 PM  

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