Monday, August 24, 2009

1st day of Pre-K

Today is John's 1st day of Pre-k. Now, it's at the same school and most of the same kids are in his class but it's a new classroom with a new teacher and all kinds of things are NO naptime!

I'm a little weary of this but I spoke to one of the teachers about it this morning and she informed that they've been working on it at school all summer. LIGHTBULB!!!! This explains why he's been sooooo cranky latley. Naptime has been intentionally getting shorter and shorter in hopes of preparing them for NO naptime! I'm so glad I knew this!!! I guess it's my fault for not being more aware and assuming that the school would communicate. We all know what assuming does...

ANYWAY, I'm super anxious to see how he does. He was very excited this morning to see his new class and bring all his school supplies. He brought what he could fit into his rolling backpack, aka his "holder" and I brought the rest.

He didn't want to cooperate when it came to pictures, so here's the best we could get!


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