Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Is it fall yet?

I have a major case of fall fever!!! I'm SOOOO over 100+ temperatures with 100% humidity!

Now living in the Houston area, we get maybe a good solid week of perfect fall weather and those days don't usually get here until late November! So when we get those days, we savour them!

Here's a list of my fall favorites:
  • crisp mornings
  • leaves changing colors
  • football on Sundays while eating a hot bowl of something
  • jeans, sweaters & boots
  • visits to the pumpkin patch
  • decorating with fall colors
  • being able to open the house windows
  • flannel pajamas
  • lighting the fireplace for the 1st time
  • getting ready for Halloween and Thanksgiving
  • hunting season
  • snuggling with Johnny on the couch


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