Saturday, September 12, 2009

Fun at Kindermusik

John had his first kindermusik class on Friday and LOVED it! I've always wanted for him to be able to participate in some type of class like this but since I work full-time and usually theses classes are during the week, it's nearly impossible. Talk about working mom guilt...but that's another post!

Well this summer, John went to class with his cousins Isabella & Alexandra and had a blast. So Grandma (Tim's mom) volunteered to sign him up and take him...the class is every Friday, for a that's a lot of her time...THANK YOU Grandma!!

Anyway, he had a blast! Grandma said that the teacher was really impressed with his natural rhythm...must have gotten that from me...heehee!! She said he smiled the whole class!!

As envious as I am that I don't get to be there with him...I'm grateful that he gets to spend quality time with his Grandma and cousins, all while learning something new!


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