Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Everyday is a gift from God

Hug your family extra tight when you get home tonight...

Today another tragedy has occurred in a school...this time in my hometown! A student at John Tyler High School stabbed a teacher. The teacher unfornatunately didn't make it. Here's a link to the news story

This just makes me so sad. Sad for this poor man and his family that will forever question why, sad for the citizens of Tyler, and sad that this is a reality for kids today. Sad sad sad.... I will never understand how anyone can take another human beings life, especially so callously.

SO please say your prayers for this teacher's family as they grieve. Pray that God shows them the light they need to get through this dark time. Pray that our childern can go to school and not fear for their lives. Pray that we as a nation come to the realization that something  is desperately wrong. Pray that His word will prevail.


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