Wednesday, June 02, 2010

35 week update, Happy Birthday Tim and Summer fun

Today I'm 35 weeks and the final countdown has begun. Baby S is growing accordingly and his heartbeat is strong. The Dr. still thinks he'll come around July 7th but that all could change as the month goes on. All I know is I'm sooo ready to have this kiddo. I'm at the stage where no matter what position I'm in, I'm uncomfortable...needless to say I'm a real joy most of the time. Poor Timmy and John, they have to put up with me for 4 more weeks.

In other Spengel news, today is Tim's 34th birthday! Yea! We're going to dinner tonight with the whole family to celebrate. I picked up a banana cream cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory b/c let's face it, I'm challenged when it comes to cooking! Last night John asked Tim where he was going to have his birthday party? It was sooo cute. He just couldn't understand why Daddy wasn't having a birthday party. Happy birthday Tim!!!

Summer session at John's school has started and b/c he's in the pre-k class he gets to go on all the field trips...meaning he gets to ride in the "big kid van". This alone, makes his day! The school literally has an activity planned for everyday of the work week...bowling, putt putt, Incredible Pizza, Pump it Up, swimming at the Rec center, visits to the park, the list goes on and on. Yesterday day they had Tumble Team and today was ice cream sundaes at the park but he got to skip today. Today, Grandma and Aunt Stephy took all 5 grandkids down to the museum district to visit the butterfly exhibit and to check out the IMAX movie about dolphins and whales. Needless to say he was very excited and all I can say is Grandma and Aunt Stephy are brave brave souls!!!


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