Thursday, April 15, 2010

28 weeks and still no name

So I'm officially 28 weeks and according to Dr. Williams, doing great! Baby S (still has no name...sad isn't it?) is laying transverse (sideways) but still has time to move. He said now is when he'll start putting on all his weight and he'll probably get uncomfortable the bigger he grows which will make him want to change positions. Let's just hope he changes into the correct position! I start the every 2 week appointment routine now and next appt I have another ultrasound.  I love ultrasounds...something about acutally seeing the baby makes it all real. Of course so do the swift kicks to my bladder!

John is getting more excited about baby brother's arrival. He talks about him constantly. This morning, while he was playing in the bathtub he made "coffee" for me b/c baby brother needed it for his sore throat. (side note...he normally takes a bath at night but last night refused so this morning he got one...can't send the kid to school dirty!)


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