Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Home Depot experiment

Home Depot has these red plastic adirondack chairs that I've been wanting for our back porch. We have some that we got probably 7 years ago and they are in terrible shape.  So we desperately needed new ones.

I know they aren't the most luxurious of patio furniture but they work for what we'll use them don't judge!

Anyway, Tim went to the Home Depot in Conroe and of course they were out of red. So I called the store here in The Woodlands and bingo....they had them. instead of making Tim drive down to pick them up, I offered to pick them up at lunch. I knew that they would be large and kinda awkard for me to maneuver but I thought surely someone would help the poor pregnant woman out. BOY, was I wrong! Not only did noone help me get them off the shelf but noone offered to help me when I checked out. Now it's pretty obvious that I'm pregnant here people and I was kinda surprised that I didn't recieve one single offer.

So off I go with my cart and 5 bright red adirondack chairs. I start attempting to load them into the back of my tahoe, which I thought would be large enough but again I was wrong! I had to pull out the 3rd row seats, stack them and pull the 2nd row seat up towards the back of my seat. I'm grunting and cussing (under my breath of course) and up walks a lady who had just bought some mulch with a Home Depot man. The HD man loads up her truck with mulch and starts to walk away...

Me:   Excuse me sir...sir
HD man:   yah
Me:    Would you mind helping me for a sec
HD man:   blank stare...okay
Me:   Thank you so much, I would do it myself but they're just a little heavier that I thought (I really wanted to say, "uuuh hello do you not see my pregnant butt struggling here?)

After 15 minutes we finally got the stupid chairs in my car.

Now I'm pretty self sufficient by nature. I actually prefer to do things by myself....another characteristic of an only child. Maybe I should have directly asked for help but I assumed someone would notice my HUGE stomach and offer. Guess that's what I get for assuming!


Blogger Chalna said...

That is just sad. People are simply not nice anymore. Hell, if I saw you as just a fellow customer, I would have offered to help you! I have noticed that a LOT about Home Depot. They never help you with anything. There is no chivalry left, it seems. I hate that!

7:51 AM  

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