Thursday, February 11, 2010

Happy 40th Anniversary!

This past weekend we celebrated Poppy's 40th anniversary with Shell at our house. 40 years!! That's a long time to work for the same company!

Uncle Nathan flew in from LA and surprised Grandma & Poppy. Everyone came out for lunch and somectrampoline jumping. I swear that was one of the best buys ever..if you have kids and don't have a trampoline..get one! It's hours of entertainment! Anyway, I think everyone had a good time and it was nice to celebrate all of Poppy's hard work over the years.

Monday, John had gymnastics again and he is really enjoying it. He told me he wasn't going to be shy anymore and Grandma said he wasn't shy at all. He walked right in and went right to work. I just love that he gets to do an activity other than go to school. I feel so guilty that I can't be with him....sigh.

In other news, John informed us last night Uncle Nathan said he was going to take him to see Mickey Mouse. Did ya hear that Nathan??? Looks like we'll be heading to Disneyland in the near future. This kid doesn't forget a thing!


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