Monday, February 01, 2010

Today is the day...

...that I told work that I'm expecting. Actually, I told my direct manager a while ago just b/c I wanted her to be aware in case something happened but noone else knew. So far everyone has been very supportive but I wish I could take a picture of their faces when I tell them. It's a complete deer in the headlights look...why you ask???....well the main reason is Oracle aka OSCAT.

You see, OSCAT is the wonderful new sales, forecasting, transportation, etc software system that was implemented in October and was supposed to streamline all our processes. hahahaa...not so much! I was chosen as the lucky gal to become the "guru" for our division. Apparently I'm doing one heck of a job b/c I've now become the guru for other departments as well. That being said, there is noone else who knows as much as I do about the system. Great for me b/c that equals job security! But everyone is already asking, "what are we going to do" and I don't go on leave for 6 months. HA!

In a sick way, I'm kinda enjoying watching everyone squirm but then again it stresses me out thinking about how I'm going to teach someone else all I know and have learned about this system. Oh well. I cant' worry about. All I know is I'm going on leave for my full 12 weeks...wooohooo!!

In other is also the day that John started his gymnastics class. Last semester he was going to a Kindermusic class one day a week, thanks to Grandma. It was a great class and he really did enjoy it but we decided he needed some interaction with different kids and to be more active. So Grandma signed him up for a class at the same place where we had his birthday party. Tim had to take him this morning and said he did great. He was shy at first and wouldn't participate but once he warmed up he was all over it. Next week will be great. I'm so excited for him!!!


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