Tuesday, December 29, 2009

New Year and New Goals

2010 is upon us and I'm pondering my New Year's resolutions! I have the ususals, eat healthier, exercise more and be more patient but I have been really wanting to accomplish one major goal of mine since John was born and that's documenting our family's adventures, milestones, etc.

Do you know that I haven't finished filling out John's baby book? How embarrassing is that? You should see the box of pictures I have of the first 2 years of his life. The 3rd year is still on my camera...again how embarrasing!!! I have tried to do the scrapbook thing but honestly, I just don't have the patience nor the time. I've even tried to pay a friend to scrapbook for me...I know I'm pathetic! Another friend suggested I try digital scrapbooking, which sounded like a good idea b/c I work much better on the computer until I attempted it...there are too many darn options! Give me 3 choices not 300!

It's very overwhelming and frustrating...but TODAY, I found another option. A friend of mine from HS has a blog and she recently had her blog made into a book. It sounds kinda weird but after seeing the final product, I think it's an awesome idea. Check it out..http://buntfamily.blogspot.com/2009/12/my-blog-books.html.

So that's my goal for the year. Try and document 3 1/2 years of John's life on my blog....wish me luck!!


Blogger Leslie said...

So funny! I was like who is the Laura following my blog!!!!? :)I am so glad you found my blog so now I can read yours!!! I was so in the same boat on the baby book issue...Grayson doesn't have one thing in his...yes, terrible. Good luck with the blogging, I am so thankful for the books & my family loved them!!! So great to catch up through your blog! You look beautiful as always and your hair is still amazing!!! Oh, and happy birthday!!

7:16 PM  

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