Friday, December 11, 2009

Word for the day = challenging

I have to say that yesterday was one of the most challenging days...I'm using that term loosely...I've had as a mother EVER!!!!

I think I might have picked up the wrong kid from school...the night was a disaster!!!

While sorting through all his school papers, I find a note from the teacher (never a good sign). The note informs me that John attempted to cut a little girl's hair in class today and to please talk to him! Oh great! So Tim and I explain that scissors are only for cutting paper and we should never cut our friends hair. He understood and said he wouldn't do it again...awesome!!!

moving on...

Later, he's throwing the dog toy to the dogs while I'm vacumming. After I'm finished, I noticed how eerily quiet it has become so I start calling for him....nothing...."JOHN HENRY"...nothing Tim and I start out on the search. Turns out he's in Tim's office with all the lights out. Tim walks in and asks what he's doing...."nofing"...
We know he's up to something b/c he starts walking backwards towards the ice machine. Tim asks him again, "what are you doing in here?" John doesn't reply but he's now standing directly in front of the ice machine. At this point it's obvious he's put something in the ice machine....Tim opens the ice machine door and out jumps Miss Kitty!!! OH MY GOODNESS! REALLY!!! My poor cat could have been killed! The next 10 minutes was spent explaining how we don't put our cats in the ice machine..which is not a conversation I ever expected to have!

The rest of night was a fight. He didn't want to eat dinner, he didn't want to go to bed, he didn't want to do anything. At one point, I had to make a call to Santa Claus...not such a great idea...he lost his mind..we're talking full tantrum mode!

sigh.....I know he was overly tired which explains some of the behavior but WOW! All I know is that if we have another episode like last night, I'm committing myself!!!


Blogger Mrs. Short said...

I used to put my cat in the mailbox. ;)
I am so sorry...sounds like you had a tough day.
I know a Mom who's little girl cut half of her hair off. Like all the way. SO, now she has a little boy's hair cut.

Hope your day was better today!

1:06 PM  

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