Friday, November 13, 2009

Chatty Johnny

We've got a talker!!! Over the past two months John has really become quite the conversationist. He's been talking since right after his 2nd birthday but here lately I've noticed how much more chatty he's become. He's having real conversations and his conversations can go on..and on...and on!

Yesterday on the ride home, he didn't stop talking. He commented on the weather, his day, how he couldn't wait to eat pizza for dinner, how bad the traffic name it!

He's even had to be moved in class b/c of his excessive talking. uh oh....

I love that he has so much on his mind that he wants to share! And I love how observant he's become! As we were driving home, he noticed that a police car had someone pulled over and the driver was in handcuffs. First thing out of his mouth, "oooh that man's bad...he's going to jail".

This morning he informed he wasn't going to be shy in music class and that he was going to talk to everyone....OOOH I bet he will!


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