Monday, November 02, 2009


Well another Halloween has come and gone. This year was WAY more fun simply b/c John understood what to do,really enjoyed "trick-treatin" and he made the decision on what he wanted his costume to be....a policeman!

Let me tell you that finding a cute, relatively cheap, size small policeman costume was HARD!!! I looked everywhere. I just happened to mention to my neighbor, Daphane (who's husband is a Houston cop) what a hard time I was having. She in turn mentioned it to her hubby, Scott and he said that he would check their "special store"...who knew! So Wednesday of last week Scott called and said he found a shirt. This shirt is an exact replica of the Houston police uniform. It is the cutest thing ever! Mr. Scott even let John borrow his hat and some other real police stuff.

Thanks Ms. Daphane and Mr. Scott!!!


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