Friday, October 02, 2009

It's Fair time

Last weekend, John and I went "home" to Tyler for a visit with my parents. I haven't been to Tyler in a couple of months so it was definitely time to make a trip, PLUS, it just happened to be the starting weekend of the East Texas State Fair. I have so many fond memories of the fair. The lights, rides and especially food!!! I really wanted John to experience it like I did when I was growing up.

So late Saturday afternoon, we headed out! It's funny how much smaller it is now that I'm an adult! I remember everything being so much bigger!!!! We attempted the petting zoo but wouldn't ya know as soon as J walked in, a baby goat jumped on him and he was DONE!!! So Granny ended up holding him and I ended up feeding the animals....or actually being acosted by the animals!!

Next we headed towards the rides. I just loved watching J's face as he ooohed and  ahhhed over the lights and rides! He only rode the train and I had to ride with him but that's was his first fair experience.

We walked around Harvey Hall where all the exhibits were and played some games but by this time, we were getting pretty hungry!!! All J wanted was a "cotton ball" aka  cotton candy. So he got it...that's right, I fed my child cotton candy for dinner. Mother of the year award! Mom got a sausage on a stick and I got curly fries and a turkey leg!!! ahhh, nothing says the fair like nawing on a big ole turkey leg!!!
I have to say I had a great time and I'm pretty sure John did too!! Until next year....


Blogger Brandy said...

Ahh... the East Texas Fair! Cotton balls, curly fries and turkey legs - I love it. What about a corny dog - my fav. Wish I was there with you guys. John sure is a cutie! Miss you.

2:38 PM  

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