Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Cute vs. Comfort

I had the urge to shop today ... shop for shoes of course...new converse! I happened to mention it to a friend of mine and she laughed! She also felt the need to remind me that back in the day (pre-John and living in Dallas) I was all about sassy high heels (thanks Jen). Heels that I paid WAY too much for and hurt everytime I wore them, but by golly I bought them and wore them anyway b/c they were cute!!!

Then I had a flashback of the first time I went shoe shopping after I had John. I remember it so vividly....I was at Dillards and I completely walked by the "hot mama" heels and went straight to the old lady comfort shoes. I bought a pair of Merrell slip-ons simply b/c they were comfortable!!! Now the old Laura would never buy shoes just because they were comfortable....comfort was never an option...it was always about cuteness!!! I immediately had to call Potter and tell her the news. She laughed...still not sure if she was laughing b/c she thought I was kidding or laughing b/c she was making fun of me.

So here I am now shoe shopping for comfort..hmmmm. Everyone always says your life changes when you have a child...I guess they meant your shoe choices too!?!


Blogger Mrs. Short said...

ha ha ha! Yep. Have you noticed you "change clothes" when you get home for the day? I can't hang out in my house unless I am in my comfy clothes. We are old ladies. ;)

5:36 PM  
Blogger Chalna said...

You may be noting by all my comments that I am getting caught up on your blog today! LOL! ;-)

Anyway, I absolutely LOVE this post...you could have been writing about me! Before Colin, when we were also cool and living in dowtown Dallas, I was a shopping freak. I would stop all the time on my way home from work and buy all sorts of super high heels and expensive Banana Republic clothes for work. I had a suit job and used it to my full advantage to buy all kinds of stuff! I have literally not purchased a heel since Colin was born. I sometimes stare longingly at them in my closet, but lord knows that I am not wearing them anywhere!! Ah, the memories!! :-)

3:20 PM  

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