Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Can't seem to catch a break....

Really?!?! Attempt to go to lunch and my car battery is dead...uughh! It's only 3 years old...frack...thank goodness for OnStar. Did you know you can schedule a "jumpstart"?They'll be at my office around 4:00.

I'm ready to go home and start a new day!!!

UPDATE: The other house was not broken into...praise the Lord!! The Sheriff's deputy was really surprised that they didn't take the a/c unit and said more than likely they will be back...knowing that the appliances will be replaced. So now we're in prevention mode!! I'm alerting all the neighbors what occurred and am making survelliance signs to post in all the houses.

Well today started out just wonderfully...can you sense the sarcasm?? After I dropped John off at school, my cell phone rings. It's Tim and he's pissed....apparently last night one of the houses was broken in to. They took every appliance and best yet...the front door! REALLY! This house just happens to be on our street and only 2 houses down. From what he could tell they broke out the windows in the back door and just loaded everything up! Lovely!

He hadn't driven over to check on his other house yet. He was calling the Sheriff's department first. I'm praying the thieves didn't hit it!

Unfortunately, this has happened to us before on a couple of the other houses he's built and unfortunately it's very common. Often the thieves will steal the a/c unit and sometimes fixtures. Whatever they can get their hands on!

In the grand scheme of things, this is really minor could always be worse. Luckily, it was an empty house and not one of our neighbors or our house.

It just makes me mad!!!


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