Tuesday, November 24, 2009

#1 reason why Houston will never host the Super Bowl again is...

POORLY planned parking. You'll notice all of the color coded parking lots which make it seem like there's parking for everyone...not true my friends. All of these parking lots are parking pass only. So if you happen to get tickets to a Monday night football game in Houston....get a parking pass, take the rail or grab a cab.

DO NOT attempt to find public parking...you will sit in traffic for 2 hours...you will drive around aimlessly looking for any free space...you will seriously consider risking having your car towed just so you can get out of the car...you will end up parking in a Sam's parking lot and taking a cab over...you will get into the game an hour and a 1/2 late....there will be someone sitting in your seats and they will ask to see your ticket even though they're sitting in your seats....by the time you get there the people sitting around you will have consumed enough beer to fill a keg therefore making them extremely obnoxious...and last but not least, you will proclaim that you will never attend another Texans game!

Go Cowboys!


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