Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Birthday party fun

This year I decided to forgoe the usual house party and have John's birthday party some place different. I'm SOOOO glad I did too...mainly b/c I didn't have to stress about having a clean house only to have to reclean it after everyone left plus I had a feeling the weather wasn't going to cooperate. I was right...cold and rainy!

So the party was held at Maximum Athletics, which is a gymnastics gym. This place was great and the instructors were awesome. They set up an obstacle course and the kids had a blast jumping, running and climbing. Everyone obeyed the rules and noone got hurt...success!! I think the Dads had more fun than the kids...using their children as target practice!

One of the Dads, Scott...side note..he asked me to take his picture and put it on my blog but I don't think he thought I'd really do it!! heehee

John originally had asked for a pink Batman cake but lucikly that wasn't an option so we settled for just a plain ole' Batman cake!

Singing Happy Birthday

trying to blow out the candles

Opening gifts


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