Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Big red truck

So my car is in shop and I get the wonderful experience of driving "big red"...Tim's Ford F250. This isn't just any F250, it's an extended cab with a 10 foot bed, which means it's super long. It's also super tall thanks to the mud tires. Luxurious ride is not how I would describe it.  Oh did I mention it's wrapped with Tim's company logo...

What's funny is how people react to seeing me driving this obvious "dude" truck. I get so many double takes, especially from men. I guess a blonde pregnant woman is not what they expected to see. HA!

It's quite a sight to watch me hoist my pregnant butt into that truck too. This morning I had to have Tim give me a boost! I'm telling ya it's tall!

I realize how spoiled I am with my Tahoe. I miss my XM radio, heated seats, automatic start...all the wonderful upgrades I have learned to love! Hopefully the dealership will be calling soon to let me know I can have my car back...please oh please!


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