Monday, February 22, 2010

A parade, kid fight and food poisoning

Our weekend was good..sort of.

Saturday we took John to the annual "Go Texan" parade in downtown Conroe. I'll post pictures later. The "Go Texan" parade always precedes the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, which kicks off this coming weekend...yiippee!!!  The weather was pretty good, warm enough and the sun peaked through a couple of times. The parade was good..John enjoyed the horses, especially the one that pooped in front of him. Typical boy! He isn't however a fan of the Cut n' Shoot (yes that's the name of a town)Chapter of Harley riders. They were a little loud for him but I wanted to hop on the back of one and go for a ride! 

Saturday night we went to Lupe Tortilla's for dinner with our friends, The Kahn's. We thought it would be perfect b/c we could get a table by the sandbox, the kids could play, we could talk and all would be happy. NOT so much. The problem is, other people go to eat and allow their kids to play in the sandbox undersupervised. I witnessed an actual fist fight between a 6 year old boy and 4 year old boy. Neither child's parents were anywhere to be found...some random lady broke them up. They were both screaming and one kid was actually bleeding. Sheesh....

John and the Kahn kids were great and we really didn't worry about them...well except the escape artist, Preston. But he's two and just wants to roam. Anyhoo, I ordered chicken flautas and at the time enjoyed them thoroughly. Weeellll, 12:30 am rolled around and those chicken flautas weren't so enjoyable. I guess I had a mild case of food poisoning b/c I felt like crap all day yesterday. I finally started feeling somewhat human around 5:00 but even then just didn't feel right.

Another fun filled weekend...


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