Tuesday, April 20, 2010

"The Highly Sensitive Child"...

..is a great description of my child. It's also a book written by Dr. Elaine N. Aron. 

A friend of mine from high school, who's blog I follow religiously, shared how she found this book after spending countless hours researching her son's "highly sensitive" personality. What really got me is that her son and John share many of the same personality traits. I mean seriously, when she describes "C", it's exacly how I would describe John. So I figured I definitely needed to research this more. And boy am I glad I did...as Chalna said, "This is my son". THANK YOU Chalna!

John has always been what I would describe as shy or super sensitive, and that has always been fine with me. I too was shy and super sensitive as a kid so for the most part, I understood. But still sometimes, I would...and still do...get frustrated when he doesn't want to participate in things or gets upset over what most people consider little things. But now, after reading an excerpt from this book, I really understand that to him they're not little things. He notices things that most 4 year olds don't. He often won't participate in group activities opting to observe instead and then will discuss in extreme detail everything he just saw. He also has an amazing vocabulary which I'm certain has to do with how much he observes and listens. It just all makes sooo much sense now! I'm super excited to read more about how John "sees" the world and how to parent more effectively.
Here is the link to the website  http://www.hsperson.com/pages/child. It's very interesting reading!

Thank you again Chalna for sharing this book with me.


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