Monday, April 26, 2010

1:30am conversations with Johnny

At 1:30am this morning, I was awoken to John pulling on my arm.

Me:     Honey, what are you doing up?
John:  I just want ta snuggle
Me:     Come on up here...
John:  A wolf was tyin' to eat me in my dream
Me:     ...a wolf huh...well he won't get you now. Mommy & Daddy will keep you safe.
John:  yeah I safe. Mommy, when yous was a lil girl, you went downstairs when a wolf tried to eat you?
Me:     yes, I'm sure I did.

And then he passed out cold! He slept great all night, we on the other hand did not. But what can ya do when he says he wants to snuggle! I can't say no to that!


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