Monday, June 07, 2010

Penny & Hoop

Meet Penny and Hoop...

the newest additions to the Spengel family...thanks to my dad...feather footed Bantum chickens. We were told they were both roosters but I'm pretty sure the red one (Penny) is a hen. Hoop, the black one, is way more agressive and does all the crowing. My mom came into town Saturday morning for a visit and brought these two with the backseat of her car...her nice car! HA! 

Here's the background story...Tim has been talking about getting chickens for a while now.
He's researched breeds, coups, etc. but we just haven't had the time or wanted to spend the money quite yet.  Anyway, Tim happened to mention to my dad that he wanted to get some chickens...well that's all my dad needed!

So yesterday we spent the afternoon creating a temporary pen until Tim can order the one he really wants. We made a trip up to the feed store to get supplies... watering can, feed bucket and of course feed. Once we get the real coup purchased and set up, the plan is get more chickens. 

I'm fine with the idea mainly because I'm excited about having fresh eggs and chickens aren't really all that hard to maintain. Plus I grew up with chickens and have many fond memories of gathering eggs and taking scraps out to them.

How does John like Penny & Hoop, you ask? Well he LOVES them! He thinks they're pretty cool. So much so that he took a picture of them to school today to show all his friends!

The Spengel family roster stands at:

3 humans + one on the way
2 dogs - Foster & Wrangler
2 cats - Miss Kitty & Miller
1 goldfish - Kaylee
2 chickens - Penny & Hoop


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