Monday, June 14, 2010

This is Foster...he is our first baby. We got him July 4th weekend 2000. He's a full blood Australian Shepard and the biggest teddy bear you will ever meet.

Tim took him to the vet today b/c he's been having some tummy pooping and peeing on my floor even after he's been outside all day!!! Nice huh! So after two days of this, I had enough. The good news is, the vet thinks he's is great health considering his age. He's technically 66 in human years...he's an old man...makes me sad! The bad news is the vet thinks he may have some weird worm. So he's got a special powder I have to apply to his food nightly for several days. Hopefully this will take care of this pesky parasite that has been wreaking havoc in our house for the past week.


Blogger Mrs. Short said...

our dog had that. giardia or something like that. cleared up pretty quickly after we started the powder and medicine! Hope puppy feels better soon! :)

2:17 PM  

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