Monday, June 21, 2010

Split chin

Well Saturday did not go exactly how I planned! It started out great...Tim had to work and John and I had a list of errands to run. We started off by taking Foster to the groomer for his "summer haircut". He doesn't particularly care for the groomer but always feels so much better when he gets all that hair off. I'll have to take a picture of him...he looks so cute..kinda like a deer!

Anyway, after we dropped him off we ran into Academy, which is conviently right next door, to get John some new shoes. We managed to get new flip flops, crocs and sneakers. Success!  

From there we headed to Suds Car Wash, I needed to get my oil changed and decided to go there so I could get it washed and vaccumed as well. Here's where the day goes south...after the oil change, we went into the car wash part and were patiently waiting. I was sitting in a chair and John was playing in their "kid area".  He comes over to where I am and decides to hoist himself up between the chair I'm sitting in and the empty one next to me. Before I can even say, "You need to get down b/c you might fall"...he falls! Face first on the hard tile floor. Of course he immediately starts whaling and I start investigating the damage. No teeth missing... good.... but bleeding profusely from his chin...great! Sure enough he's got maybe a 1/4 inch cut. So we run up to the front desk and I ask for the manager to see if he has a first aid kit. He comes out and takes us back to his office where he opens up the mother of all first aid kits. Seriously, he had enough supplies for a small clinic! He was the nicest man and was genuinely concerned...even offered to call an ambulance. haha, I graciously told him that wasn't necessary. We got the wound all cleaned and bandaged and headed over to Grandma and Poppy's house since they weren't too far from the car wash to see if they had any butterfly bandages. I decided against a trip to the ER since the cut was pretty small and to be honest the idea of sitting there for 4+ hours just made me cringe. They didn't have any butterfly bandages but Poppy graciously ran to the store to get some. After two attempts from me and Grandma to apply the darn thing, I finally got it closed and bandaged.

John did surprisingly well! He stopped crying pretty quickly after the fall. I don't think it hurt as much as it scared him. I'm pretty proud of him...and I'm proud of myself! I didn't freak out ...I was calm and collected. Not at all how I imagined myself to be! hahaha...guess I'm finally getting the hang of this mom thing!


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