Thursday, June 17, 2010

Meet Bob...

This is Bob...Bob is my Dad's pride and joy. My Dad found him a couple of years ago running around on a street, so my dad stopped and picked him up so he wouldn't get hit. The rest is history! This dog is something special. His personality is super unique and John just loves Bob and wants him to live with us. Bob goes with my Dad everywhere..I'm not kidding.

Anyway, Bob has been through the ringer in his lifetime. Since my Dad has adopted him, he's been hit by a car which resulted in a large gash on his side, been bit by my parent's other dog, been stung in the butt by a bee and recently somehow managed to break his leg...although noone knows how this happened! As you can see he's in a cast and halo and will stay this way for 4 weeks! Poor thing, he looks pretty pitiful!

As you can tell, we're a family of animal lovers!


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