Wednesday, June 30, 2010

July 7th, 2010... hopefully the day Wyatt Edward Spengel will make his entrance in the world. I went to the Dr. today and it was decided to schedule an induction on the actual due date...I knew this would happen. It's the exact same situation as it was with John. I'm fine with it and actually prefer to be induced. Hopefully, Wyatt will cooperate just like John did and make a smooth entrance.

And if you didn't notice...we decided on a name! FINALLY! Wyatt is just a name we had thrown out there when we found out we were having another boy. We both liked it and as time passed it really grew on us. Edward is my dad's middle name so it was an easy one. So Wyatt Edward was agreed on with a hand shake! I really like it and I just know it's gonna fit this little guy perfectly. more week and Wyatt will officially be here! I'm so excited and ready!


Blogger Chalna said...

I LOOOOOOOVE the name and I am SO excited for you!! YEA!!!

1:48 PM  

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