Monday, September 27, 2010

Soccer time

It's fall soccer time and John is an official member of the New York Red Bulls at the YMCA. Friday night we went to Academy and bought all his gear...shin guards, shorts, socks and most importantly the cleats!!! And wouldn't ya know, my child picks out silver cleats!

I pushed him to look at the less expensive pairs  but he HAD to have the silver ones...he got lucky b/c they didn't have the less expensive pairs in his size anyway.

John and I both were a little apprehensive pulling up to the fields...I didn't know if he would know anyone on his team. He does sooo much better if he knows at least one other child. And I really wanted him to play and interact b/c I knew he would just love it.

Well the Lord heard my of his best friends from school, Mason was on his team. And the best part is Mason's grandpa is the coach! Needless to say John was SUPER excited. However he didn't play...but he did get out on the field. Baby steps!

Maybe next week?
John & Mason

´╗┐He's on the field!!


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