Friday, May 20, 2011

The plan was to catch up on my posts since Halloween but I don't feel like it I'm just gonna post some pictures and tell ya what we've been up to.

John started T-ball last month and is doing SO well this year. He's actually participating and most importantly he's having fun! This makes me a happy happy mommy! He's doing well in school and we're preparing for Kindergarten in the fall...unbelievable!!!
´╗┐Wyatt is growing soooo fast. Since we got his reflux under control, he's a changed baby. Long gone are the miserable, scream filled, sleepless nights. He's officially in his room and sleeping through the night! THANK YOU LORD! He's the sweetest baby and ADORES his big brother. I love watching them interact...John watches out for Wyatt and Wyatt is in awe of John!  

I love my boys!!!


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